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Sevilla (Spain), on line

Organized by:   Chamber of Commerce of Andalusia

Isabel Velasco as President of Europlatforms was invited to participate in a conference to debate on Andalusia’s logistics strategy and the importance of rail corridors and the trans-European transport network for our economy.

The round table titled was: “The importance of logistics services for the functioning of the Europan Single Market. The access of companies to logistics infraestructures.“

Video resumen de la jornada:



Zaragoza (SPAIN), on line.

Organized by: The World Organization of Cities and Logistics Platforms

Thomas Nobel and Alberto Milotti as members of the Boards of Directors, Jesús Sanchez as General Secretary and Isabel Velasco as President of Europlatforms were invited to participate in this conference to talk about the success of Europe in the development of Logistics Platforms and know the current development within Europe of logistics platforms and the successes achieved to date.


Malta, on line.

Organized by:  Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), together with the Centre for Transport Studies for the Western Mediterranean (CETMO)

Isabel Velasco as President of Europlatforms was invited to participate in this conference to talk about The digital transition in the transport and logistics sector: spurring innovation, growth and competitiveness in the Western Mediterranean».

Safe and Secure Parkings

Frederik Rasmussen, Deputy Head of Unit DG Mobility and Transport

On January 28, the expert group meeting on “Safe and Secure Parking area Trucks” was held in Brussels

The European Parliament and the Council reached an agreement on the Mobility Package in December 2019, including a very important article on safe and secure parking areas asking the Commission to adopt a delegated act in accordance with the EU Parking Standard.

 This agreement is still to be finally endorsed and signed, which we expect to happen in June 2020.

In this meeting in Brussels , COM presented the outcome of the Trilogue on the Mobility Package and explained the steps and the expected timeline of the delegated act on safe and secure parking areas for trucks as well as the role of the expert group in this context as an advisory body for COM.

Participation in the workshop “The Future of Rail Transport for European Regions: Challenges and perspectives beyond 2020”

On December 18, the Italian cluster E.R.I.C (Emilia-Romagna Intermodal Cluster), integrated by members of our associate Unione Interporti Reuniti, organized a conference entitled “The Future of Rail Transport for European Regions: Challenges and perspectives beyond 2020” in Brussels. The workshop aimed to foster a discussion of policies and instruments to strengthen the rail freight transport in the context of the new programming period 2021-2027 and to present the intermodal cluster of Emilia Romagna Region.

Isabel Velasco, president of Europlatforms, was invited to participate with various representatives of DG Move and other European associations, in a round table entitled: “Challenges and opportunities for the rail freight transport of the future”. Mrs Velasco focused the speech on the intermodal transport and how the cluster ERIC could be benefit by initiatives like Europlatforms.

40th Europlatforms General Assembly in Parma (Italy)

In the picture: Henri Ahlqvist (Finland); Kent Bentzen (1st Vice President, Denmark); Luigi Capitani (3rd Vice President, Italy); Pablo Hoya Serna (outgoing president); Jesús Sánchez Sanvicente, Manuel Francisco Martínez (outgoing general secretary) and Carlos Chocarro, from Nasuvinsa in Navarra (ACTE representative in Europlatforms) with Isabel Velasco.

The 40th Europlatforms General Assembly took place in Parma (Italy), on November the 14th. During this meeteing was approved the appointment of the Committee Executive of Europlatforms, where Isabel Velasco, commercial director of Aragón Plataforma Logística, was elected as President of the association for the next four years.

Jesús Sanchez Sanvicente was also elected as the new General Secretary of the Committee Executive, formed by three vice-presidents (in order: Kent Bentzen, Thomas Nobel and Luigi Capitani).

The new executive addresses the challenges of continuing with the strategic plan until 2020, which consists in increasing the visibility of Europlatforms in European decision-making bodies, increasing the number of partner countries and developing different activities that imply a benefit for partner centres and companies of transport and logistics in the EU states.

Participation in the First International Seminar Zapala Logistics City

Europlatforms, following the collaboration agreement signed with the World Organization of Cities and Logistics Platforms, participated by videoconference with the first international seminar Zapala Logistics City, held in the Argentine province of Neuhén in August 2019.

In this participation, Europlatforms was represented by Manuel Fco Martínez, General Secretary of the organization, who showed the large audience the benefits of logistics platforms and the advantages of installing on them.

The participation of Europlatforms was received with great enthusiasm by the participants in the seminar, with numerous questions related to the topic of fiscal enclosures and services related to logistics and transport areas.

Europlatforms members in Transport Logistic Munich

The increased importance and interest that exist in logistics platforms has make possible that for of the members of Europlatforms stayed present in Transport Logistic Munich with theis own stand. This situation make possible a meeting between members where unified criteria. All the members agreed about the importance of the Logistic Platforms is increasing per moments and will be a key factor in the next future.

The assistance in the stand and the further opinions of the visitors make us understand that Europlatforms is, just now, a key factor for the logistic activities and regulations in Europe.

Dry Port and Secure Parkings Conference in Lisbon

APAT, the EUROPLATFORMS Portuguese member organized last 27th of May a Conference in Lisbon regarding the Dry Port and the Safe and Secure Parking. Mr. Martín invited the President to make a presentation at this Conference regarding the European and Secure Parking European Project, in order to put in common the EUROPLATFORMS collaboration in this activity, and the importance of being aware of the new paradigm in this issue.

In his presentation, Mr President remarked the importance of stablish a secure network of parking along Europe, to offer to this sector more confortable and secure work environment. In this point, logistics platforms are a key actor to get a quick win for this idea.


Porto road transport and mobility Conference

The director of the Portuguese Journal Fenando Gonçalves invited Mr. Pablo Hoya as President of EUROPLATFORMS and Antonio Nabo Martin as Director of APAT (Europlatforms Member) to participate in this Conference “Transporte rodoviário e mobilidade em debate no Porto”.

The President made a presentation of the Safe and Secure Parking project in which EUROPLATFORMS is involved. It was also a good opportunity to show the audience the importance of this project and the relevant position that EUROPLATFORMS has in this matter.