Europlatforms new Board of Directors

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On November 7th in Zaragoza, at PLAZA logistics platform Europlatform’s Board has been renewed. The members of the European Association of Freight Villages have nominated Alberto Milotti, from Consorzio ZAI – Quadrante Europa Verona, UIR (Italian Association), as the new President for the next four-year period 2024-2028.

Mr. Kent Bentzen, as first vice-president, Mr. Juan Manuel Cabo, as second vice-president, and Mr. Jesús Sánchez as General Secretary, were also nominated as the Europlatforms Board of Directors for the upcoming four years.

Alberto Milotti wanted to thank the former President, Mrs. Isabel Velasco for her prominent work in the past four years and all the representatives of the European platforms for his appointment. He confirmed that his main objective is the full acknowledgement of the central role of the logistics platforms towards the modal shift and the sustainable mobility of freight. He also underlined that he is committed at increasing the actual representativeness of the Association.