Finland’s LIMOWA association joins Europlatforms

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LIMOWA Association is a Finnish nationwide network of international reach for logistics development and co-operation. LIMOWA has been actively building a network in Europe and has now joined Europlatforms, clearly sharing its targets and visions.

LIMOWA was originally founded in 2008 as a part of Finland’s governmental Centre of Expertise Programme. As an association it is impartial, open and nationwide with international reach. There are about 50 members in the association, most of them are private companies. As a parent company for LIMOWA is Technology Centre Techvilla Ltd.

Primary targets for development are the modern logistics centres and areas and models for their design, construction, development and operation.

The cluster aims to promote the availability of development resources and financing, to stimulate development of logistics infrastructure, and to influence public policy decisions.

LIMOWA has already been involved in several projects. The largest of them so far has been “The Development of Southern Finland Logistics Centre System”. As an output LIMOWA has published a “Logistics Centre Developer’s Virtual Desktop”.  In addition to that also a “Logistics Centre Developer’s Handbook” was published. First of its kind in Finland, too.

Intralogistics themes belong also in LIMOWA’s project focus and several nationally funded smaller project are continuously going on in this field.

The latest of the LIMOWA project output was a book “Horizontal Collaboration in Logistics” which was published in June 2016. This book will soon be translated into English as there has been a lot of international interest to this reasonably new theme as well.

LIMOWA / TechVilla is also a partner in the new Interreg funded EU development program “North Sea Baltic Connector of Regions” (NSB Core). The idea of NSB Core to establish a totally new transport corridor form Finland through all Baltic States and Poland towards Berlin and further to North Sea ports. Elementary part of this future corridor is a new Rail Baltic railway line which will be built in 2020-2023. LIMOWA works together with Polish ILIM Institute in the intermodal part of this project.