Europlatforms in the 1st Conference of the Ad-Hoc Industrial Working Group for the development of the MOS

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On the  20th-21st  November the “1st Conference of the “Ad-Hoc” Industrial Working Group for the Development of MOS” took place in Barcelona, attended by the EUROPLATFORMS’ s member Mr. Isidre Gavín, with a very interesting agenda.

This was a very extensive Conference with many topics involved, the main focus being on the table nine, Session NINE – Intermodality and Integration in Corridor. EUROPLATFORMS encourage to the Chair of the meeting, Mr. José L. Anselmo the importance of the logistic platforms to manage the intermodal traffic. This is in order to have the chance to present the Logistic Platforms contribution in the MoS projects.

Mr. José Anselmo comment that he would like to boost a group of stakeholders which represent the sectors involved in the MoS project, where Europlatforms should be part as a key actor of this kind of transport.