Europlatforms in 2nd MoS Forum

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Europlatforms was presented in the 2nd Motorway of the Sea Forum in Brussels on May 17th 2016.  In this forum Europlatforms exposed the relevance of the logistics areas in the new logistics. Particulary:

  • The connection between ports and logistic platforms would reduce their congestions and would improve the flexibly of the logistic chain
  • Logistic platforms are the «links» which facilitate the continuity of the logistics chain «LP-Port-Port-L.P.»
  • Logistic Platforms could be the perfect place to make the inspection to the cargo before ship loading
  • Logistic platforms have physical and technological infrastructures which
    could be used as «check points» and «security points»

Europlatforms, will continue its presence in this forums in order to collaborate to improve the logistics market in Europe.