Europlatforms celebrated its 25th anniversary in Transport Logistic Munich Fair

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Europlatforms celebrated last May 10th its 25th Anniversary with an event in the field of Transport Logistic Munich Fair, which was attended by representatives from more than 10 European countries.

The event commemorating the anniversary was divided into two parts. At first, the first Vice-President Mr. Kent Bentzen (Denmark), founding member of Europlatforms, presented their experiences in these 25 years and the evolution of logistics has suffered in all this time.

Then the President Mr. Paul Hoya (Spain) explained the functions of the group and the short-term objectives. Finally, the second vice president Mr. Thomas Nobel (Germany) presented the classification of the logistics platforms that this association develops each year on the basis of objective criteria, such as employment, services and environmental management.

The act continued with a round table moderated by Mr. Isidre Gavin (ACTE) in the vision of the future. In this round table participated the General Secretary of Europlatforms, Mr. Manuel Fco. Martinez, indicating trends and opportunities that are in sight for the next few years, in terms of the logistics platforms, highlighting the need for digitalisation of services and the inevitable relationship with the port, in an environment of logistics chain increasingly globalized economy. Finally Mr. Vicente Gavara, consultant of ITE (Valencia Institute of Energy), analyzed the trends of the European Union and, especially, of the energy management of the transport and the use of new concepts in urban environment, such as logistical and microplatforms sustainable supply.

Russia, participating as a guest country, presented the Logistics Platform of Vorsino (Moscow). Example of collaboration between Europlatforms and third countries in the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

The event ended with the presentation of a commemorative plaque to the founders of Europlatforms, 25 years ago. And these were for: The Danish Association (FDT) Kent Bentzen; the Italian Association (UIR) Johann Marzani; The Spanish Association (ACTE) Isidre Gavin.

After the event, Europlatforms held its general assembly, adopted unanimously, the management and the accounts of the exercise 2016. In addition, adopted the strategic line to follow in the next few years.