40th Europlatforms General Assembly in Parma (Italy)

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In the picture: Henri Ahlqvist (Finland); Kent Bentzen (1st Vice President, Denmark); Luigi Capitani (3rd Vice President, Italy); Pablo Hoya Serna (outgoing president); Jesús Sánchez Sanvicente, Manuel Francisco Martínez (outgoing general secretary) and Carlos Chocarro, from Nasuvinsa in Navarra (ACTE representative in Europlatforms) with Isabel Velasco.

The 40th Europlatforms General Assembly took place in Parma (Italy), on November the 14th. During this meeteing was approved the appointment of the Committee Executive of Europlatforms, where Isabel Velasco, commercial director of Aragón Plataforma Logística, was elected as President of the association for the next four years.

Jesús Sanchez Sanvicente was also elected as the new General Secretary of the Committee Executive, formed by three vice-presidents (in order: Kent Bentzen, Thomas Nobel and Luigi Capitani).

The new executive addresses the challenges of continuing with the strategic plan until 2020, which consists in increasing the visibility of Europlatforms in European decision-making bodies, increasing the number of partner countries and developing different activities that imply a benefit for partner centres and companies of transport and logistics in the EU states.