Memorandum of Understanding with EIA

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EUROPLATFORMS and the European Intermodal Association (EIA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in order to increase the cooperation between both associations.

The MOU has been officially signed at the TEN-T Corridor Coordinators meeting in Brussels, Oct. 21

EUROPLATFORMS has been member of EIA since 1995. The activity of EUROPLATFORMS has been relatively passive the last years.

However, a growing number of advantages inherent to logistic platforms can be more effectively released if well embedded in an intermodal context: consolidated bundling concepts, joint port-hinterland (handling) processes and creation of added value services, to mention just a few.

The partners of the MOU agree that the logistics platforms must have the relevant role it deserves in the context of the new TEN-T in search of contributions to make more efficient use of intermodal transport, and to give coherence to the lineal infrastructures of the TEN-T.

EIA acknowledges that the contribution of EUROPLATFORMS , as representative of the European Logistics Platforms, is important in order to determine certain (KPI) criteria related to logistic platforms. EIA will coordinate efforts and share outcomes with other members of EIA, among which transport operators and shippers (cargo owners).

For EUROPLATFORMS it is important to take advantage of the EIA status, resources, industrial research involvements and promotional activities. Stronger coordination is aimed vis-à-vis other players in intermodal transport and logistics and more visibility especially towards the EU institutions, Eurostat and UNECE and representation outside Europe.