Europlatforms is an European Economic Interest Grouping oriented in the development of Logistic Platforms as nodal transport infrastructure. As ports are maritime infrastructure, Logistic Platforms are the inland nodes of the logistic chain, allowing to logistic enterprises to reduce costs, increase collaboration and facilitate the intermodal transport. The development of logistics platforms though the TEN-T corridors will increase competitiveness and environment protection in the transport sector.


EUROPLATFORMS has throughout the years developed and improved the definition of Transport and Logistics Centres. The definition has been approved by EU, UNECE and OECD and widely approved and used by many national authorities.


Logistics Center Definition:

A Logistics Center is a center in a defined area within which all activities relating to transport, logistics and the distribution of goods – both for national and international transit, are carried out by various operators on a commercial basis. The operators can either be owners or tenants of buildings and facilities (warehouses, distribution centres, storage areas, offices, truck services, etc.), which have been built here.

​In order to comply with free competition rules, a Logistics Center must be open to allow access to all companies involved in the activities set out above. A Logistics Center must also be equipped with all facilities to carry out the mentioned operations. If possible, it should include public services for the staff and equipment for the users.

In order to encourage intermodal transport for the handling of goods, a Logistics Center should preferably be served by a multiplicity of transport modes (road, rail, sea, inland waterway, air). To ensure synergy and commercial cooperation, it is important that a Logistics Center is managed in a single and neutral legal body (preferably by a Public-Private-Partnership). Finally, a Logistics Center must comply with European standards and quality performance to provide the framework for commercial and sustainable transport solutions.