Government Body

Europlatforms is managed by the General Assembly, where is made the decission of activities, projects, new members, and internal regulations.

Between General Assemblies, Europlatforms is managed by an Executive Committee, formed by the President, the Vicepresidents and the General Secretary.


Executive Committee


Mrs. Isabel Velasco Ortiz


1st Vice President

Mr. Kent Bentzen

FDT Representative



2nd VicePresident

Dr. Thomas Nobel

DGG Representative


3rd Vice-President

Dr. Alberto Milotti

UIR Representative

General Secretary

Mr. Jesús Sánchez Sanvicente


General Assembly’s Members 


General Assembly

Mr. Jose Antonio Prieto

ACTE Representative



General Assembly

Mr. Henri Ahlqvist

Limowa Representative



General Assembly

Mr. Frank Schuhholz

CLIP Representative



General Assembly

Mr. Biró Koppany

MLSZKSZ Representative



General Assembly

Mr. Antonio Nabo

APAT Representative (Portugal)


General Assembly


Mr. Michalis P. Adamantiadis

Hellenic Chambers

& Business Transport Association (Greece)