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Europlatforms in the 4th World Conference of the Logistic Platforms and Cities

EUROPLATFORMS was invited to participate in the 4th World Conference of the Logistic Platforms and Cities, celebrated in Monterrey (Mexico) from 14th to 16th of May 2019.

The event was attended by Mr. President. He presented EUROPLATFORMS and a few ideas regarding the importance of the Logistic Platforms in the European Logistic Chain. During these days, there was a great deal of discussion about the differences between the European and the American ways of working. The key point was the importance of the public investment as promoter of the logistic sector; taking into account the multiplier effect of the logistic investment in the general economy of the country.


Europlarforms General Assembly in Salamanca (Spain)

Europlatforms celebrated in Salamanca a General Assembly in which were approbed the accounts of the year 2018 and the budget for 2019.

The assembly, attended by a majority of members, accepted the joining of APAT as the Portuguese representative in Europlatforms. Unanimously the assembly welcomed this incorporation and thanked to TVT and its chairman Mr. Leonel Cacao their effort for being active part of Europlatforms in the last years.

The assembly also agreed to celebrated a new elective assembly in the last quarter of this year, due to finish the actual mandate of the presidence.

Europlatfors in Intermodality Event in Salamanca

A large members of Europlatforms was presented in the intermodality event celebrated in Salamanca in the context of the CENCYL project promoted by the Salamanca City Council.

Mr. Kent Bentzen, from Denmark, Mr. Luigi Capitani, from Italy, Mr. Henri Ahlqvist, from Finland, Mr. Frank Schuhholz, from Poland, Mr. Thomas Nobel, from Germany, Mr. Leonel Caçao, from Portual and Mr. Pablo Hoya, president of Europlatforms has the opportunity to present the strength of each country in this field and the importance of the collaboration between countries by different transport means.


Europlatforms’s members show to the audience that to share knowledge and working together is allways a win-win relationship and makes everyone improve our possibilities.


Meeting with Italian representatives

After the last UIR election, the Board of Directors has changed, including the President and the EUROPLATFORMS representation. Mr Hoya, president of Europlatforms, visited Verona Interporto to meet the new representatives of UIR in Europlatforms.

Mr. Hoya, Mr. Capitani and Mr. Gasparatto took advantage of this meeting to discuss the EUROPLATFORMS situation, specially the projects that we have to face in the future and also the position of the Italian members in EUROPLATFORMS.

Europlatforms in the second mandate of DTLF

Europlatforms participated last 15th January in the 1st Plennary Meeting of the DTLF, the expert group of the UE about the digital logistic.

Europlatforms will participate in the tasks and activities related to the «Cargo Flows Optimization», subgroup that Europlatforms took part in the first mandate.

This expert group is very valorated by the commision and this is the reason because the mandate was renew for 5 years.


Europlatforms in the Athlantic Corridor Logistic Forum

Europlatforms was present in the Athlantic Corridor Logistic Forum celebrated in Badajoz (Spain) last 14th November. Europlatforms was represented by its president Mr. Pablo Hoya who participated as relevant speaker in the forum and highlighted the activities of EUROPLATFORMS and the position of the Freight
Village, in the European Logistic Policy.

Mr. Hoya presented the challenges that the Logistic Platforms have ahead and the role that the Logistics Platforms should play in the near future with the main objective to send out to the audience our message: we should be the main actors in the European Logistic Policy.

The event was chaired by the Athlantic Corridor Coordinatos, Mr Carlo Secchi.


Freight Village and Ports Interaction Conference

The President and the General Secretary attended the call of Mr. Adamiantiadis to attend the Conference celebrated in Athens about the interaction between Freight Villages and Ports, in order to present EUROPLATFORMS and the different FV management models across Europe.

The General Secretary and the President presented the activities of EUROPLATFORMS, the activities of the FV across Europe and the value that we added to the European Economy. Additionally, they discussed different FV Management ModelS in Europe, focusing on the Spanish, Germany and Italian working models.

The main objective of the EUROPLATFORMS participation in this Conference was to demonstrate to the Greek policy makers and the Greek stakeholders in general, the relevant position of the FV in the European Logistic Chain, and also the contribution of the FV to the economy of the country.


Europlatforms in the 25th Anniversary of DGG

The German Association DGG celebrated last 22th June 2018 its 25th Anniversary with an International Conference in the city of Bremen and where was presented Europlatforms by its president Mr. Pablo Hoya.

Mr Hoya presented the international perspectives in the European framework, and also the challengers that EUROPLATFORMS has to address in the near future.

The Conference was organised by the DGG, led by Thomas Nobel and Steffen Nestler and it was also attended by the rest of the Europlatforms Committee executive: Kent Bentzen and Johann Marzani.

The Conference showed the whole picture about the new trends in the logistic sector. Furthermore, it was a great opportunity to exchange experiences from different point of view.

Europlatforms and CETMO signed an agreement to develop more efficient logistic chains

The Center of Studies of Transport in Occidental Med (CETMO) and Europlatforms has signed in the SIL 2018 an agreement with the objective to share knowledge and experiences of this two organizations, and to improve relationships between countries from both parts of the Mediterranean Sea in the context of transport and logistic.
The main objective is to improve the development of more efficients and competitive logistic chain that will allow social and economic growth in the areas represented by this two organizations. From this agreement, CETMO and EUTOPLATFORMS will coordinate their knowledge platforms to give information and orientation about logistic platforms to the interested and will explore options to organize a networking event to join groups of both parts of the Mediterranean Sea.
In other hand, both organizations will jointly contact with other actors implied in the mediterranean cooperation to promote this initiative and to include in their plans  and action programs. In addition, they together will identify the more advance logistic platforms projects and will configure and new coordination unity to explore new cooperations fiels.